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How does FlexSure™ work?

Patients are often skeptical of non-invasive skin treatments, which is why it’s important for us to explain the science behind it. It is important to note that FlexSure™ is not a laser. This FDA-cleared radiofrequency device improves skin laxity and the appearance of wrinkles via soft tissue coagulation, and a majority of FlexSure™ patients also report a reduction in fat volume. It's entirely wrappable (think "hands off") applicator allows treatment of arms, thighs, flanks, and bra rolls, with every treatment being fully customizable.  Fat deposits form due to metabolically inactive cells. The heat emitted by this device causes the targeted fat cells to break down (a process called lipolysis) and disperse. The thermal energy also boosts the body’s natural ability to produce collagen; not only will your fat cell volume decrease, but your skin will tighten and become younger-looking. Pair it with SculpSure, or Liposuction or use alone.

What makes FlexSure™ equipment so different?

The biggest advantage of t is its safety. This radiofrequency device is not a laser--it can be used year round and on all skin types. Previous fat reduction technologies worked similarly but were unable to penetrate deep enough without harming the patient’s skin. FlexSure, like TempSure™, comes equipped with TLC (Therapeutic Logic Control) to ensure therapeutic temperature is reached with every treatment (cannot undertreat). It also keeps track of the skin’s temperature and allows us to adjust the machine’s temperature accordingly. The TLC system allows for more efficient and consistent results: eliminating unpredictable temperatures by similar machines, and avoiding "hot spots" and burns.

Typically, how long is the recovery period?

There is no downtime associated with FlexSure™ or TempSure treatments, just a mild amount of redness that usually dissipates by that evening.

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