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How It Works

The Trifecta treatment is and Alon signature treatment--you can't get this anywhere else.

This laser procedure is performed in 3 steps--it's a Trifecta of laser treatments.

Step 1 – For sun damage and facial veins

The first step treats discoloration and facial vessels using a technology called Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL. This can address unwanted sun damage including freckles, brown spots or age spots, and unsightly veins including broken blood vessels, facial veins and rosacea. San Antonio lies in the center of the Sun Belt. This treatment helps minimize the stigmata of sun exposure.

Step 2 – For fine lines and wrinkles

The second step uses laser technology to treat fine lines, wrinkles, scars and other surface imperfections. 

Step 3-- For collagen and elastin stimulation

This nonablative laser goes even deeper to generate collagen and elastin, the support structures of our skin.  Nonablative means NO peeling and NO downtime.

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