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Laser Hair Removal Treatment & Pricing 

  • Average of 6 treatments needed.

  • 6-8 weeks apart

  • Only treats dark pigmented hair.

  • Does not treat blonde, grey, or red hair.

  • We are working with your own body’s natural reaction to respond to the treatment. Every individual responds at a different rate.

  • Realistic expectations for Laser Hair Treatment is a large reduction in hair growth,  whatever is left over is really easy to mange. Thin reduced hair growth that takes longer to grow in.

  • Maintenance treatments may be needed or wanted depending on patients discretion.

  • Hormones affect hair growth and new growth is possible eg. menopause, pregnancy, hormone therapy.

  • Tan sun exposed skin can cause skin reactions and slower process for results

Pre and Post

  • Avoid sun exposure 7 days – 3 weeks before treatment depending on the skin tone and laser that will be used for your skin. (Clinician will help determine this for you)

  • Shave area night before treatment for optimal results.

  • Do not tweeze or wax hair in between laser treatments.

Full Face ---------------$130.00
Half Face ---------------$75.00
Upper Lip---------------$50.00
Neckline---------------  $62.00
Sideburns-------------- $62.00
Full Chest---------------$155.00
Shoulders-------------  $250.00
Full Arms-------------- $155.00


Half Arms---------------$94.00
Half Back----------------$165.00
Full Back----------------$220.00
Full Bikini----------------$87.00
Bikini Line---------------$75.00
Hands & Fingers--------$62.00
Full Legs---------------  $280.00
Half Legs--------------   $165.00
Feet & Toes------------ $62.00

Consultation with OUR experienced State Certified Professional Laser Specialist will help decide if you’re a candidate and will discuss treatment protocols. 

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