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Fat, NanoFat, and "Stem Cells"The Science

​Your own adipocytes (fat cells) harbor both growth factors and omnipotent ("stem") cells that can be used to repair, rejuvenate, and restore volume loss in tissues.  Fat is harvested in clinic using liposuction under sterile conditions, processed, and injected (fat transfer, for volume) or fractionated (microfat and nanofat, for growth factors) into the face, hands, or scalp (think HAIR GROWTH) to improve texture and promote tissue repair. Dr Fearmonti also combines this with your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or allograft (tissue from another source), such as amnion, chorion, or cord blood, to boost hair and fat graft uptake and stimulate your own tissue.

The above procedure was done in office at Alon Aesthetics. Downtime: none. Procedure length: 45 minutes. 

Top photos were taken pre-procedure ; bottom photos are taken 22 days post procedure. Actual patient*

Photo to the left was taken pre-procedure; photo to the right was taken three days post procedure.  Actual patient *

First Treatment

Inital treatment/Injection


Second Treatment

Second treatment/Injection


Each Additional Treatment

Any additional treatment, $1,000 each


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